To be offered a Cash Top-up you must:

Have earned below your Wollit Income Promise.

Cash Top-ups are offered to make up the difference between your Income Promise and your earnings from your selected income sources. If you earned above your Income Promise you are not eligible for a Cash Top-up.

Have an active Open Banking connection

If your bank is disconnected, then we are unable to see your current earnings and therefore unable to calculate if a Cash Top-up is due. You will receive alerts as soon as your banking consent disconnects, it is important that you reconnect promptly to avoid missing out.

Have remaining credit available

Your Credit Limit is the maximum amount of money you can have outstanding at any one time. It is based on status and affordability and is displayed within the Wollit app at all times. To be offered a Cash Top-up you must have remaining credit available.

Have earned at least £100 in the previous month

We are unable to offer you a Cash Top-ups if the total earnings from all your selected income sources are less than £100 in the previous month because we are concerned about you not being able to make repayments when they fall due in an affordable way.

Have earned at least £10 less than your Wollit Income Promise

Cash Top-ups are subject to a minimum amount of £10 due to transactional and processing costs. Cash Top-ups less than this amount are discarded.

Not be in arrears

If you’ve missed service fee payments or have overdue repayments you will not be eligible for another Cash Top-up until your account has been brought back into good standing.

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