If you are not offered a Cash Top-up on the 1st of the month, this could be because:

  • You have earned above your Wollit Income Promise.
    Cash Top-ups are offered to make up the difference when you earn below your Income Promise. If you earn above your Wollit Income Promise, then you are not eligible for a Cash Top-up this month.

  • Your Cash Top-up would be below £10.
    Cash Top-ups are subject to a minimum sum of £10. If there is only a £10 difference between your earnings and your Wollit Income Promise, then a Cash Top-up will not be offered.

  • Your bank is disconnected in the Wollit app.
    If your bank is disconnected, then we are unable to see your current earnings and therefore unable to calculate if a Cash Top-up is due. You will receive alerts as soon as your banking consent disconnects, it is important that you reconnect promptly to avoid missing out.

  • You have no earnings in the previous month.
    If you have zero earnings in the previous month, then you are not eligible for a Cash Top-up.

  • You have no credit available.
    If you have already borrowed all of your available credit, then we are unable to offer a Cash Top-up until some of this is repaid. You are able to see your credit limit in the Wollit app.

  • Your account is in arrears as you have missed a service fee payment or a repayment.
    If you have missed payment then we are unable to offer a Cash Top-up. It is important that you have the funds available in your account to pay your service fee and repayments promptly.

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