Credit building is a steady process, so don't be concerned if you do not see an immediate impact. Your credit score is also affected by a number of other factors, which will also determine how quickly it changes.

Things like consistently making payments on any personal loans and bills on time, as well as signing up to the public electoral register, can all help influence how much and how quickly your credit score changes. To give yourself the best chance of improving your score, you should ensure that you pay all of your financial commitments on time.

If you are consistently following these financial best practices, you should start to see an impact after 3-4 months.

The biggest increase is most likely to occur after paying all your subscription fees consistently on time for 12 months.

You can also unlock your Wollit Credit Profile to see how people like lenders and insurers are seeing your account. Each week we’ll update you on how you’re doing with personalised advice on what to do to improve.

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