On the 1st of each month, we will calculate the amount of income you have earned from the income sources which contribute to your Income Promise.

If your earned income is below your Income Promise, we will offer you an interest-free Cash Top-up for the difference. If you have a Cash Top-up available, we will let you know by email on the 1st of the month. If you’d like to accept a Cash Top-up offer just open the app and let us know. We will transfer it your nominated bank account right away. You will have until the 20th of the month to accept the Cash Top-up before it expires.

If your earned income is above your Income promise, and you have Cash Top-ups outstanding, we will look to collect the difference between your earned income and your Income Promise or your full outstanding balance, whichever is lower. If a repayment is due, we will let you know by email on the 1st of the month and collect it by Direct Debit five days later.

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